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Roger Brown FIMMM

Why use my services?
 Unless you have the ability of a native English speaker with high language skills, the odds are that your manuscript will require editing. If a large amount of editing is needed,  your paper stands a poor chance of getting past peer review. Not only will editors favour papers with better English, but problems with the language can result in the technical aspects of your work not being understood, increasing the chance of rejection. The best way out of this situation is to have the assistance of an English language expert who also has technical knowledge in your field before you submit the paper.

I am English by birth and have worked in the polymer industry for more than 40 years. I have written several technical books and published more than 70 papers, plus I have extensive editing experience through  having been editor of Polymer Testing Journal since 1980. You are unlikely to find a better pedigree.

How does it work?

You send me a copy of your complete paper (pdf is best at this stage). I provide a quotation for the cost and time scale. If this is accepted, you send the text in Word format for editing. Depending on the difficulty of editing, there could be one or more iterations where I ask for clarification of what you intended to convey until we reach a satisfactory product.


Some papers need a great deal more work than others and this has to be reflected in the charge rate. The figures that follow are based on an A4 page double spaced which contains about 250 words. For simple proof editing, the cost is 20 for the first page and 3 for each subsequent page,  which rises to 25 and 9  for a paper with considerable difficulties. If figures and tables are included they are counted as 50 words each. Formulae are assumed to be accurate and are not normally edited. Where the problems are such that re-editing is necessary following your attention to queries, that is charged additionally.


Quotations will be in GB pounds with indications of equivalents in Euros and US Dollars. Payment can be made by credit card.




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